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Brewster XSBA-1F007761PDBHL24inFFRscFlying AcesLimber Nick1938Adapted from original FA plan.
Bristol Scout DF007762PDBHL18 1/2 inFFRscpSheard JPeanut scale?
Comper SwiftF007764PDBHL18inFFRscMAPRichardson A1997Foam construction
Mini-DrakeF007765PDBHL63inFFGMAPRichardson A1997Lightweight pusher for .75/1.5cc diesel or electric
Comper SwiftF007766PDBHL18inFFRscClevelandSF-331933
Consolidated PT-1F007767PDBHL36inFFRscR/N ModelsReiners ArtCan also be electric
Curtiss Airmail BiplaneF007768PDBHL16inFFRscLone Star Series123Annotated SAM 1066 Dime Scale
Curtiss GulfhawkF007769PDBHL23 1/2 inFFRscWilkey DougDrawn with CAD for FAC Nats Mark 9?
Curtiss Hawk P-6EF007770PDBHL14 1/2 inFFRscRainey Model SupplySleeth Stewart1934Copy of original old plan
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