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Red DragonF007720PDBHL40inUCGAeromodellerQuek H C1963-07-JulSemi-scale flapped stunter for 2.5/3.5cc
RascalF007721PDBHL26inUCGAeromodellerMoulton Ron1957-05-MayStunt trainer for 1/1.5cc diesel
Phantom MiteF007722PDBHL16inUCGKeil KraftSmall cl trainer
OrcristF007723PDBHL34inUCGAeromodellerJones S R1989-03 MarFAI class combat model for 2.5cc
MirageF007724PDBHL15inUCGFrog1/2A team Racer for 0.5cc diesel
Team Racer Mk 1F007725PDBHL24inUCGMercuryNunn JohnnyLooks like Class B & Frog 500 shown? With parts
KetchupF007726PDBHL28 1/4 inUCGAeromodellerWalden R1965-07-JulElevator only stunter for 1/1.5cc diesel
Junior Monitor Mk IIF007727PDBHL30inUCGMercuryNicholls H JFor 2/3.5cc diesel
HornetF007728PDBHL21inUCGFrogClass A racer designed round Frog 1.5cc
Happy HaroldF007729PDBHL30 1/2 inUCGAeromodellerButcher N et alCL3421949-12-DecStunter for 1.5/1.8cc Elfin. Elevator only.
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