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SkyroamerF007703PDBHL44inFFAirsailKit from New Zealand - pylon mounted wing
Three-FooterF007704PDBHL36inFFSkyleadaAll sheet design capable of good performance
36-in Towline GliderF007705PDBHL36inFFPegasusSmeed VicFrom Pegasus Book of Model Making by VS
VegaF007706PDBHL12inFFKeil KraftDean BillEarly chuck glider kit
VooDooF007707PDBHL24inFFMAPCamden CharlesRony tube fus - bit unusual claims high performance.
WagtailF007708PDBHL29 1/2 inFFVeronSmith PhilPod & Boom TLG
WispF007709PDBHL20inFFKeil KraftSort of Pod & Boom small glider. Sht Fus.
WizardF007710PDBHL20inFFSkyleadaAnother sht Pod & Boom chuckie
WrenF007711PDBHL25inFFFrogTwin fin lightweight sailplane
F-111 Swing WingF007712PDBHL13inFFMAPHolland PeteCatapult launch glider
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