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FalconF007688PDBHL28inFFVeron (MAS Ltd)Leadbetter JackOld timer (pre Veron) small glider
The Fighter GliderF007689PDBHL42inFFAeromodellerDent D M1944-01-JanLow wing glider - difficult build
Galaxy Mk 3F007690PDBHL33inFFPerformance KitsFisher O F WShows conversion to rubber on plan as well
Hi-BourneF007691PDBHL15 1/2 inFFHorsey Ted2006-01-JanCLG published in BMAS newsletter
Huguelet B GliderF007692PDBHL18inFFRN ModelsCL6011982-05-MayFrom Zaic's Model Glider Design
Ibis No.2 (Troop Transport Glider)F007693PDBHL48inFFAckland-Nock KOld blue line plan
Jader 60F007694PDBHL58 1/4 inFFAeromodellerButler Don1952-06-JunLightweight or A2. Nice but would need mod for dt.
Ko11 Continental GliderF007695PDBHL50inFFYeomanKoellicker WKit plan of quite elegant model
The Little WitchF007696PDBHL14 1/4 inFFAirydaSimple vintage HLG
No Name HLGF007697PDBHL20inFFOkie Free Flight FlyerBortnak JohnHLG
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