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Republic Sea-BeeF007670PDBHL53 1/2 inFFGscAeromodellerTowner HJFSP 319Another classic scale plan from HJT. For 1/1.5cc diesel.
Lanzo Duplex (half size)F007671PDBHL21 1/2 inFFRspAeromodeller?Ralph John
Carley C-12F007672PDBHL24 1/2 inFFEMarsden Eric1989-12-DecCould be electric version drawn up from original of F001244?
P-51 (B/D) MustangF007673PDBHL32inFFRscAeroGraphicsMidkiff Mike
Pfalz E3F007674PDBHL454inRCERake PeterFor three fuctions RC & electric power
A-RatF007675PDBHL26inUCGAeromodellerClarkson Dave1970-06-JunClass A Rat racer
CloudmiteF007676PDBHL30 1/2 inFFRspAeromodellerWest Cyril1970-06-JunOld design republished
The HawkF007677PDBHL27 1/2 inFFGspAeromodellerDorrell A J1969-06-JunSemi-scale profile biplane for 0.75cc
FokaF007678PDBHL50inFFAeromodellerZurad Stan1969-06-JunA1 Glider
CheechackF007679PDBHL25inFFGAeromodellerDodds D1971-04-AprCox TD 010 shown with alternative for Jetex or Rubber!
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