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BonzoF007646PDBHL13inFFRscpSchmitt R GHannan1971
GulfhawkF007647PDBHL12inFFRscpMegow kitF38Not good plan but can be scanned.
Percival Vega GullF007648PDBHL25inFFRscModel Aeroplane Cons.1936-05-MayPlan & article copied from mag.
U.S. Army PT-3F007649PDBHL3VNieto JosephAerial AgePretty detailed drawing
TwoF007650PDBHL43 1/2 inFFRdSharp GeorgeModel Activity PressModern open rubber design
Pegleg PeteF007651PDBHL24inFFRvdTansley KenPremier Aeromodels
Senior DipperF007652PDBHL24inFFRvComet5A-194Old plan in poor condition. NBO
AceF007653PDBHL32inFFRvdCloudcraftBD1Original plan
De Havilland T.K.2F007654PDBHL16 1/4 inFFRsc1 of 4 small scale models on same plan
B.A. EagleF007654PDBHL19 1/2 inFFRsc1 of 4 small scale models on same plan
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