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Curtis P40 WarhawkF007564PDBHL21inUCGTaccani RModel AircraftMA257For Barbini B38 or similar (1cc)
RangerF007565PDBHL30inFFGspMicro Models19727/10ths scaled down version of original for Cox Pee Wee
Super PhoenixF007566PDBHL54 1/4 inFFGvEhling Frank?Air Trails1949Easy to build pylon model for .19 cu in
Thomas Morse S4C ScoutF007567PDBHL35 1/4 inFFFscWatkins G JAeromodellerFSP11021971-05-MayFor 0.5 to 0.8 diesel
P-47-D ThunderboltF007568PDBHL40inRCGPeacock IanRC Scale Aicraft1998-02-FebFor 0.15 cu in & 3 function radio.
Fokker EIIIF007569PDBHL55inRCERake PeterModel Activity PressFor Speed 600 & three functions.
Razor BladeF007570PDBHL32inUCGcTribe PeteAeromodellerCL7291959-05-MayClassic combat model for 2.5/3.5cc diesel
Spitfire Mk VBF007571PDBHL25inUCGscBruce SModel AircraftMA235For 1/1.5cc diesel.
ChunkyF007572PDBHL36FFGspStaff of AMAeromodellerPET7681960-09-SepSmall pylon design for 0.5/0.8cc.
CrescendoF007573PDBHL62inFFGnDraper Ron1956World Champ power winner Cranfield 1956. 40th Anniv plan.
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