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AstrostarF007553PDBHL67inFFGcThorkildsen Terry1989Modernish pylon job
1949 Class A Power ModelF007554PDBHL41 1/2 inFFGvMarshall Josh1949Elfin 1.8 radial shown. Drawn by S Wisbey
1912 Blackburn MonoplaneF007555PDBHL48inFFGscFinucane A MAeromodellerFSP5671954-11-NovLovely slow flying model with Mills .75 up front
BoilermakerF007556PDBHL72inFFGvSolar Models1946Rather large pylon model - wants .60 cu in SI
Zoot SuitF007557PPreviewDBHL57 1/2 inFFGvFuller GeorgeSPL.Q Kits1954?Redraw of George Fullers Dixielander predecessor in 1996
Farman SportF007558PDBHL14inFFCO2Johnson JoeModel Aviation1976-10-OctFor Telco Co2 motor
Boing NearmanF007559PDBHL40inFFGspAntram PeteSemi-scale derivative of Stearman. For 1cc diesel
Chilton DW1F007560PDBHL36inFFGscGreenland J MAeromodellerFSP3401949-11-NovFor Mills .75 or AMCO.87. Low wing monoplane
Bellanca CruisemasterF007561PDBHL40inFFGscGannon GModel AircraftMA208Albon Dart shown
RamblerF007562PDBHL72inFFGaShurman GilFlying Aces1939-09-SepModel Builder plan of old timer
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