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Jader 60F007694PDBHL58 1/4 inFFAeromodellerButler Don1952-06-JunLightweight or A2. Nice but would need mod for dt.
Ko11 Continental GliderF007695PDBHL50inFFYeomanKoellicker WKit plan of quite elegant model
The Little WitchF007696PDBHL14 1/4 inFFAirydaSimple vintage HLG
No Name HLGF007697PDBHL20inFFOkie Free Flight FlyerBortnak JohnHLG
MerlinF007698PDBHL41 1/4 inFFMAS (Veron)Smith Phil?Vintage small glider from pre-Veron days
NomadF007699PDBHL20 1/2 inFFKeil KraftSmall TLG with printed parts
Number 96aF007700PDBHL84inFFAeromodellerSt Albans MAC1962-02-FebLarge Open Class glider
The Club PlanerF007701PDBHL31inFFModel AerodromeVery old blueprint towline glider
MayroflitF007702PDBHL10 3/4 inFFBMFAReplica of 1909 novelty
SkyroamerF007703PDBHL44inFFAirsailKit from New Zealand - pylon mounted wing
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