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Piper CubF007531PDBHL52inFFGscHeadley JackAeromodellerFSP1357Plan shows details for conversion to RC
TantivviF007532PDBHL27inUCTRTaylor ChasNexusCL530Re-issue of old plan from 1953. Class B team racer.
PowavanF007533PDBHL48inFFGvFrogHi-thrust line nacelle mounted engine for Frog 150 or similar
CupidF007534PDBHL20 1/2 inUCGMoulton RonAeromodellerCL7081958-08-Aug1/2A for 1.5cc
Vought F4U-2 CorsairF007535PDBHL26inUCGLewis P M HModel AircraftMA141Albon Javelin shown - any 1.5 cc diesel
MidgeF007536PDBHL12inUCGMercuryClass 1 speed model for 1.5cc diesel
CougarF007537PDBHL45inUCGStoker T W JAeromodellerCL5731957-11-NovStunt model for 3.5 / 5cc engines
Lil' ChuggerF007538PDBHL53 1/2 inFFGcDunham R JF1J (1/2A) design
Texas ZephyrF007539PDBHL59inFFGcIsaacs BobF1J (1/2A) design
Witch Hawk 500F007540PDBHL60inFFGcClem JimModern competition model for 2.5/5cc (.15/.29cu in)
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