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The SwallowF007493PDBHL60inGLUMiles G DAeromodellerU2651947-07-JulFlying wing glider
The CurlewF007494PDBHL46inGLVTurner K W SAeromodellerBlue line plan from Leicester days
KoIIF007495PDBHL50inGLspKoelliker WernerYeomanContinental glider from A A Hales
Der kleine UhuF007496PDBHL1200mmGLA1?GraupnerGraupner quickie kit - pretty modern
Fugitive Mk 1F007497PDBHL50inGLVButler DAeromodellerG2581947-08-AugEarly duration model from Don Butler
Gull II (Ivory?)F007498PDBHL50inGLVGosling R F LAeromodeller1944-04-AprCould be 2nd iteration of Ivory Gull? Poor quality plan
Blue Note 4F007499PDBHL2300mmGLA2Crisp AndrewModel Activity Press1997Modern FAI glider
LeprechaunF007500PDBHL103inGLVTwomey DickAeromodellerG3701950-03-MarClassic biggie
Super ScoutF007501PDBHL88inGLVIsaacsonn SParamountTwin boom job by designer of Sunnavind. Buckle plan
Northern LineF007502PDBHL84inGLA2Cook MikeModel Activity PressModern FAI glider
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