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WindrushF007451PDBHL36inGLspCrisp AndyAeromodellerIssue 736All sheet beginners design
Wight WingF007452PDBHL68inRCuHumber KeithRadio Modeller1967-10-OctSport aerobatic flying wing for two functions
PolarisF007453PDBHL62 1/2 inRCHughes PaulRadio Modeller1989-03-MarSlope soarer for two functions
ZippyF007454PDBHL35inRCuFreeman MikeRadio Modeller1987-02-FebSport aerobatic flying wing for two functions
ElfF007455PDBHL15 1/4 inFFRspHatfull AlbertElite ModelsScaled down version of 20in original
The SkyroverF007456PDBHL22inFFRvLittle E WUlster ModelsSmall design from Northern Ireland
PetrelF007457PDBHL24inFFRvdElite ModelsSmall cabin duration job
Lightweight BiplaneF007458PDBHL19 3/4 inFFRvLacey Stephen1943Lightweight single blader
Banana FritterF007459PDBHL29inFFRp30Twomey Dick2000updated design from 1950
Lightweight Duration ModelF007460PDBHL20inFFRvLacey Stephen1944Small lightweight with original notes
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