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Fly BabyF007413PDBHL30inFFRspWhite Frank2002Rubber powered pylon model! In style of old power model.
Gruneau Baby 2BF007414PDBHL30inGLscWhite FrankScale model of pre-war glider
PopsF007415PDBHL69 1/2 inRCGWhite FrankSport model for 2 / 3 functions. On 3 shts.
Quaker 2000F007416PDBHL64inRCGWhite FrankScaled version of Quaker Flash for 2 / 3 functions.
9UPF007417PDBHL28inFFRspWhite FrankCabin bi-plane
EndlessF007418PDBHL73inRCuWhite FrankFlying wing based on 1944 German design. For rudder only.
Playboy SeniorF007419PDBHL79inRCGWhite FrankAdaptation of original to throttle & rudder RC assist.
OsirisF007420PDBHL104inRCWhite FrankOld style gull wing slope soarer for rudder only. 2 shts.
WommitF007421PDBHL100inRC?White FrankLooks like big slope soarer for RC but no details shown of controls
SpratF007422PDBHL21inFFRspWhite Frank2002-05-MaySmall cabin rubber model
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