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Blue DiamondF007392PDBHL60inGLvdJones WAeromodeller1946-09-SepParasol wing glider superbly redrawn by Frank White.
Balsa BugF007393PDBHL22inFFRdWhite FrankModern design in pseudo vintage style.
Stutz SpecialF007394PDBHL52inRCGWhite FrankOwn design beautifully drawn on 3 shts. 3 functions
Stinson Reliant SR5F007395PDBHL61inRCGWhite FrankOwn design beautifully drawn on 2 shts. 3/4 functions
No Name GliderF007396PDBHL82inRCWhite FrankItalian style vintage glider adapted for rudder & elevator control
IAI KfirF007397PDBHL11 1/4 inGLHLGWhite FrankBungee launch scale model of Israeli all weather fighter
SailawayF007398PDBHL15 1/2 inGLHLGWhite FrankTraditional chuck glider
No Name Indoor Catapult GliderF007399PDBHL6inGLHLGWhite FrankIndoor catapult
Avro 641 CommodoreF007400PDBHL58inRCGWhite FrankScale for rudder/elevarot.
Semi-scale High Wing MonoplaneF007401PDBHL52 1/2 inRCGWhite FrankFor Enya 15 & rudder/elevator. All sheet tailplane.
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