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Whippet (Reconstructed)F007385PDBHL29 1/4 inFFRvdMcDougall HarryFlying Model Plans1942
ArielF007386PDBHL33 1/2 inFFRvHervey H EDrawn by Frank White. Mid wing monoplane.
Super DuperF007387PDBHL28inFFRdWhite FrankModern design in pseudo vintage style.
Stolp StarletF007388PDBHL12 1/2 inFFRpWhite Frank
TrikeF007389PDBHL28 1/2 inFFRvCollier DNew drawing of vintage cabin model by Frank White
CalvinF007390PDBHL30inFFRdWhite FrankModern design in pseudo vintage style.
MiraF007391PDBHL900mmFFRvd1947 circaNew drawing by Frank White of vintage Czech design model.
Blue DiamondF007392PDBHL60inGLvdJones WAeromodeller1946-09-SepParasol wing glider superbly redrawn by Frank White.
Balsa BugF007393PDBHL22inFFRdWhite FrankModern design in pseudo vintage style.
Stutz SpecialF007394PDBHL52inRCGWhite FrankOwn design beautifully drawn on 3 shts. 3 functions
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