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Civy Boy 24F000406PPreviewFSP24inFFGGilliam PaulAustincraftRedrawn by Floyd Reck. K & B Infant Torpedo shown.
Hill SpecialF000407PFSPUCGHill RAir Trails1945-03-MarSpeed design
Hill SpecialF000407PFSPUCGHill RMagazine Plan ServiceFlying wing with engine buried in wing
Pusher PursuitF000408PFSPUCGTuxworth FAir Trails1945-05-Maysemi-scale
Baby V SharkF000409PFSPUCGStanzel VictorStanzel kit
SharkieF000410PFSPUCGAnderson RMech IllusSpeed design
Stinson Model OF000411PFSP?Pond BertPaul Jones Kit 800Lsee also F001550
Boeing P-12-F PursuitF000412PFSPFFRscKit plan?see also F001668
Boeing P26AF000413PFSP16inFFRscAirydavery good copy
Curtiss Goshawk F11C-2F000414PFSP23 1/4 inFFBrown?Ideal1934
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