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Westener (Small)F007286PDBHL38inFFGspFoote MScaled down for Cox Pee Wee
Westland WidgeonF007287PDBHL36 1/2 inFFGscRiding E JAeromodeller1943-04-Apr
Westwind *F007288PDBHL54inFFGotModel Craft1941
WetwunF007289PDBHL26inUCGLeddy Jim & DaveAeromodeller1985-01-JanFloatplane trainer for 1.5cc diesel!
White HotF007290PDBHL40inRCGRutter J JRadio Modeller1988for 2.5cc & 2 functions
WildcatF007291PDBHL35inUCGUnderwood DennisFor any 3cc to 5cc diesel. Two shts.
WildcatF007292PDBHL36 1/2 inUCGCowburn D HAeromodeller1982-05-MayFor 1.5/2.5cc diesel
WindbagF007293PDBHL9inFFGuRead ColinModel Aircraft1963Designed for DC Merlin Airship
Windy Ain't ItF007294PDBHL42inFFGvAaron RonAeromodellerScaled down plan for 1cc. Orig was 60in.
Witch Doctor 800F007295PDBHL68inFFGcClem JimMAN1968High thrust line pylon model from USA
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