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TomboyF007232PDBHL26 1/2 inFFESmeed VicAeromodellerPhotographically shrunk - ok for electric or co2 but no modes on plan
TopsyF007233PDBHL31inRCGJ GraupnerSingle channel RC for Cox Pee Wee or Baby Bee
TopsyF007234PDBHL36inFFGvCarnegie I DModel Aircraft1951Cabin power for Mills 0.75
Tornedo IIF007235PDBHL37inFFGspMarsden Eric2001redraw of original Tornado by Plecan Paul - for .049
ToughieF007236PDBHL76inFFGaGray ArtieMech. Illustrated1938
TouristF007237PDBHL46 1/4 inFFGspJ GraupnerLow wing monoplane 3 sht very comprehensive
TriangleF007238PDBHL24inFFCO2Ehling FrankModel Builder1938Half size of original. OK for co2 or small engine.
TriangleF007239PDBHL48inFFGaEhling FrankModel Builder1938
TrikeF007240PDBHL34inFFWinter BillNo information
TuffyF007241PDBHL28inUCGMoude MAeromodeller1962-12-Decfor 1/1.5cc
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