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North American FJ-3 FuryF000402PFSPUCJetColes JMAN6A1962-04-AprScale for Dyna-jet
Fournier Avion Planeur RF-01F000403PFSPFFGMooney WaltMAN2A1962-02-FebScale for .010 cu in (Cox TD)
Stearman PT-17 KaydetF000403PFSPUCGCarkhuff D & Price EMAN2A1962-02-FebScale for .35 cu in
Grumman G-44 WidgeonF000404PFSPUCGPalanek PFM114?1960-03-Marscale for 2 x .074 cu in
EarthquakeF000405PFSPUCGMcGovern DFM177?1964-06-Junsport model
Mother Hawk & Squawk HawkF000405PFSPFF/GJTXMcGovern DFM177?1963-08-AugTowline glider & Jetex models? Check cross index file?
Rainbow SoarerF000405PFSP102inRCMcGovern DFM177?1967-12-DecRC sailplane with optional engine .15 cu in. Check cross index file?
TradewindF000405PFSP100inRC/FFGMcGovern DFM177?1964-08-Augpowered sailplane for free flight or RC. Check cross index file?
VultureF000405PFSP80inRCMcGovern DFM177?1963-04-Aprengine optional - .049 / .099 cu in. Check cross index file?
Wild BlueF000405PFSP100inRCMcGovern DFM177?1974-07-Julsailplane. Check cross index file?
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