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StreamwingF007164PDBHL84inFFGotEisinger LarryMBM1941
SunbeamF007165PDBHL34inFFGspKay JohnAeromodeller1979-08-AugAll sheet model for Cox Pee Wee
SunderbusF007166PDBHL28inFFEMcStea JohnBlue foam Sunderland
SundownerF007167PDBHL61inFFGcMAN1965-12-DecHi-thrust line pylon
SundusterF007168PDBHL58inFFGvFisher D?1947Plan is scaled down - original was 62in span
SunriseF007169PDBHL56inFFGa Veryzer Joseph1938Unusual. Bit like Wedgy?
Super BipeF007170PDBHL27 3/4 inUCGde Bolt Haroldde Bolt1948must be one of original stunt designs.
Super DolfinF007171PDBHL113inRCGPetrides Tracey1939modified plan for Rc from original
Super Sky LancerF007172PDBHL29inUCGNedela JMANfor K & B 29
Super SlickerF007173PDBHL84inFFGvIncludes parts
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