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Slick SchickF007094PDBHL23inUCGSparkes DAeromodellerFor 1.5cc diesel. Low wing monoplane. Plan is only A4 size.
Slicker 60F007095PDBHL60inFFGvDean BillSecondary fim master on 4 shts. Includes fus parts but not wing/tail.
Slow 400F007096PDBHL53inFFGcAeromodeller1991-09-SepSlow Open power for Fuji 19 or similar
Small FryF007097PDBHL28inUCG1948Small stunt design for Mills 1.3.
Small TalkF007098PDBHL39inFFGnPollard W AModel Aircraft1958-01-Jan
Smoke TrailF007099PDBHL32inRCGFoss ChrisAeromodeller1964single channel for Merlin
SneezyF007100PDBHL39 1/2 inFFGspSmeed VicOriginal pencil drawing is in D3R3 - pretty fragile.
SnipeF007101PDBHL40inFFGvMiller EdFlying Aces1943
SnootyF007102PDBHL33inFFGvBoys HowardPowakitsFor Kalper 0.32
SnipeF007103PDBHL40inFFGspWillis NevilleKeil KraftFor 0.5cc to 0.8cc. Parts incl.
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