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Quaker FlashF007003PDBHL860mmRCGGale F1989Reduced scale for RC assist from Italy. For electric or small glow.
Quartet for 0.5cc (see comments)F007004PDBHLGAeromodeller1955-06-JunLil' Plank & Titch are F/F; Arrowhead & Darter are C/L
QuickerF007005PDBHL36 1/2 inUCGWooten RMAN1957Stunter for K & B 35
QuodF007006PDBHL20inFFGuClutton EricAeromodeller1961-06-Junfor 0.8/1cc diesel. Multi-wing job.
R.E.8F007007PDBHL97inRCG4 shts
R.W.D.8F007008PDBHL31inFFGscFillon ECox Pee Wee powered - French design
RakeF007009PDBHL42inFFGuRanson LModel Aircraft1963-03-Marfor 0.5cc; flying wing.
RaketaF007010PDBHL1540mmFFGvHajek V1953Czech design
RamblerF007011PDBHL23 3/4 inFFCO2Brookes TonyAeromodellerScaled down from original design for CO2.
RangerF007012PDBHL46inFFGotP & W Models1976Looks like Megow Ranger. Part of tailplane is missing (tear in drg)
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