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Hall RacerF000388PPreviewFSPUCGPlecan PaulAircraft Plan Co
Knight Twister D2F000389PFSPUCGPlecan PaulAircraft Plan CoHomebuilt original by Vernon Payne
North American NavionF000390PFSPUCGPlecan PaulMech Illus
Lockheed SiriusF000391PFSP32inUCGMusciano WaltAeromodeller1949-08-Augfor floats or undercarriage. Engine size is 3.5cc diesel
Hawker Tempest IIF000392PFSP31inUCGPridmore HaroldAeromodeller1949-11-Novfor 2.5/3.5cc diesel
Lockheed OrionF000393PFSPUCGPlecan PaulAircraft Plan Co
Grumman F2F-1F000394PFSPUCGPlecan PaulAircraft Plan CoScale is 1in : 1foot
Hep CatF000395PFSP48inFFGGuarnieri CAir Trails1944-10-Octfor Class A or B motor
Musketeer 42F000396PPreviewFSP42in?FFG?Berkeley1946?
Lockheed U-2F000397PFSPFFJTXDelgatto PaulMAN1960-09-Sepcan be Jetes or tow line glider
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