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Pou-de-CielF006983PDBHL31inFFGscStamm ReneAeromodeller1969Cox Baby Bee shown.
Power MouseF006984PDBHL27inFFCO2Jones BobAeromodeller1987Reduced scale Taibi Powerhouse.
PowerhouseF006985PDBHL35 1/2 inFFGspTaibi SalRedrawn plan without dimension or wood sizes
PowerhouseF006986PDBHL48inFFGaTaibi Sal1938reduced version
Powerhouse 84inF006987PDBHL84inFFGaTaibi Sal1938
Praga BabyF006988PDBHL2000mmFFG?Czech design small scale plan
Premier LionF006989PAVANZ68inFFGaWreford J SPremier19382 shts
Prestwick PioneerF006990PDBHL52inFFGscBurns RAeromodeller1951-04-Aprfor 1.5cc
Prier MonoplaneF006991PDBHL23 1/2 inFFCO2Kuhn OObscure Aircrafton multiple A3 shts
PrivateerF006992PDBHL87inFFGaPetrides ThraceyMAN1938Redrawn plan of original on 2 large shts.
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