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Nieuport 28F006906PDBHL33inFFGscGable Robertshown with Spitfire .045 glow
Nieuport IIF006907PDBHL24inFFGscWhitehead G EAeromodeller1972-12-Decfor .5/.8cc
Nig-NogF006908PDBHL66inFFGcSmith TomAeromodeller1961-03-Mar
NimrodF006909PDBHL30inFFGspC T BFrogFor Frog .049
NirvanaF006910PDBHL48inFFGspSmeed VicHand drawn plan no profiles or sections?
No NameF006911PDBHL44inFFGspCabin model probably from USA
No NameF006912PDBHL47inFFGspPretty cabin model has floats option
No Name Italian Control line modelF006913PDBHL685mmUCG1946bit like very pudgey Gee Bee Racer!
No Name Semi-scale ModelF006914PDBHL31 1/2 inFFGvLaumer KeithShows Atwood .049
No Name Shallow PylonF006915PDBHL56inFFG?Yates Melfor SI
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