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MoonshadowF006891PDBHL36inFFGspEdwards ChrisAeromodeller1991-08-AugHalf size version of 1937 Ed Rogers original design.
MoonshadowF006892PDBHL58inFFGspAeromodeller1991Could be scaled up drawing? Full size is 72in span.
Morane LF006893PDBHL25inFFCO2Stephens HAeromodeller
Morane NF006894PDBHL56inRCGRadio Modellerfor .29 cu in & 3 functions
Morane SaulnierF006895PDBHL56 1/2 inRCGMoore GroverMANNo engine details shown at all.
Morane-SaulnierF006896PDBHL34inFFGscRattle DAeromodellerFor 0.5 to 0.75cc diesel
Morane-Saulnier Type LF006897PDBHL25inFFCO2Stephens H
MosesF006898PDBHL30in 3/4 FFGspBarrett W IAeromodellerPET995Flying boat for Albon Dart 21in span plan also here
MudhopperF006899PDBHL48inFFGspTrinder J GAeromodeller1958-09-SepLow wing monoplane redraw of orig.
MuraF006900PDBHL1400mmPvFFGvMachacek ACzech design
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