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LutoniaF006831PDBHL32inFFGspMiller S AModel AircraftFrog 100 shown BUT this is reduced scale of original 45in span
M K SportsterF006832PDBHL39inFFGspFang Chiun HoModel Aircraft1956-06-Jun
M-28F006833PDBHL1300mmFFGvMovo Modelli1945Italian low pylon parts full size plan 1/2 scale
Macchi 205VF006834PDBHL39 1/2 inUCGAviominima1947Italian design
Macchi 308F006835PDBHL43 3/4 inFFGscBlake BillModel AviationThis is a reduced drawing - approx 40%
Macchi M33 (Flying Boat)F006836PDBHL39 1/2 inRCGTowner Harold2 shts designed for RC but without any details of installation
MajoretteF006838PDBHL45inFFGspSmeed VicAeromodeller1990-08-AugTypical VS elegant cabin model for 1cc.
Mam'selleF006839PDBHL37 1/2 inFFGspSmeed VicAeromodeller1955for Mills .75 or similar. Plan is pretty fragile.
MarquisF006840PDBHL30inUCGKeil Kraftfor 1.5cc
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