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Meson Mk IV or Castaibert?F006857PDBHL46inFFGspFisher O F WModel Aircraft1955For 1.5cc diesel. Low wing monoplane. Plan is scaled to 30in span.
Meteor - AS (Czech)F006858PPreviewDBHL1350mmFFGotCzech design
MG2 AF006859PDBHL55inFFGaGranieri Mike1936Reduced scale plan. 2 shts? NBO
Micro FunF006860PDBHL18inFFGspSarpolus DickRedrawn for Cox .010. Original was for Cox .049 & radio.
MicrodusterF006861PDBHL27inFFGspCollins P ASmall pylon model for Cox 010
Micro-ScorpF006862PDBHL28inFFGspWhittard MikeKeil Kraft19785/8 scale version of KK Scorpion for Cox 020
MidgeF006863PDBHL18 1/2 inFFEDavies G SAeromodeller1984-10-OctIndoor electric RTP
Midget CavuF006864PDBHL21inFFCO2Callaghan A1984 1/2 scale of original for co2
MIG-15F006865PDBHL15inFFJTXKeil Kraftfor Jetex 50. All parts on separate sheet.
Mighty MidgetF006866PDBHL10inFFGspStothers Don1968All sheet biplane for Cox Pee Wee
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