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KopaceticF006787PDBHL30inFFGwde Mosterice PaulFloat plane
KordaF006788PDBHL27inFFGspKorda Dick 1/2 scale of original ok for Cox Pee Wee
La TrapanelleF006789PDBHL850mmUCGCorbieres Pierre1974French stunt design for 2.5cc 2 shts
LadybirdF006790PDBHL42inFFGspRussell StanKeil Kraftfor ED Bee or similar no parts
LairdF006791PDBHL26inUCGAir Trails1947Semi-scale GB racer
Last WordF006792PDBHL46inFFG?Redrawn 1983
Lavochkin LA 17F006793PDBHL37inFFGuSmith PhilVeronDucted fan with parts
Le CaleoF006794PDBHL1620mmFFGvBougeret Georges1945French 2 shts. Allouchery 1.25cc shown. Elegant.
Le CycloneF006795PDBHL830mmFFGspFillon Esmall French cabin model for 0.8cc
Le DocileF006796PDBHL820mmUCGLauron RogerFrench stunt design
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