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Cometa (Italian)F006504PDBHL1700mmFFGvCastellani AdrianoL'Aquilone1943Italian Cabin model
CommandoF006505PDBHL36inFFGvLowe HarryOntario Modelcraft1942Scaled down but quite old drawing
CommandoF006506PDBHL50inRCGAir Trails1942Redrawn for Radio Assist
Comper SwiftF006507PDBHL36inRCGElsegood G FAeromodeller1968-11-Novsingle channel for 1.5cc
Comper SwiftF006508PDBHL36inFFGscGolding D PAeromodeller1952-02-FebFrog 150 shown. Pendulum elevator shown.
Comper SwiftF006509PDBHL41 1/2 inFFGscGolding D PTaifun Hobby shown (1cc)
Comte AC4 GentlemenF006510PDBHL38inFFGscHayes GaryAeromodeller1989-11-Novfor 0.5cc.
ConcordF006511PDBHL12inFFGspDownton K JAeromodellerfor Cox Pee Wee. Can be F/F or C/L
CondorianF006512PDBHL62inFFGcWeber & ReidMAN1964looks like FAI model
Consolidated PBY-5A CatalinaF006513PDBHL1020mmFFGscSven Truedsson1953Swedish Model. 1 large rolled sht plus 2 shts parts & inst in Swedish! No motor mounting details.
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