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Baby VF006391PDBHL2000mmRCGsingle channel motor glider for 1cc with Jedelsky wing
Baby ValkyrieF006392PDBHL24inFFCO2ScientificReduced for CO2 or Rubber
BAE HawkF006393PDBHL20inUCGBurkinshaw BillAeromodeller1983-11-NovProfile semi-scale trainer for 1.5cc
BallerinaF006394PDBHL38inFFGspSmeed VicDavies CharltonFor Dart or Merlin
BAM SwallowF006395PDBHL52inFFGscCoasby JohnAeromodellerFSP 560Plan also shows C/L version
BansheeF006396PDBHL20 1/4 inFFCO2Shulman Leon1981Telco motor shown.
Banshee (Small version)F006397PDBHL36inFFGvredrawn to smaller scale
BantamF006398PDBHL32inFFGspSkyleadashrunk for Kalper.32. Smaller still - 27in in same package on sep sht
Bantam (Skyleada)F006399PDBHL44inFFGvWarring RonSkyleadaOn two sheets.
Beagle PupF006400PDBHL36inFFGscHeadley JackAeromodeller1968for .049 / .8 diesel
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