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B M 3F006382PDBHL2100mmRCGotBacchetti Adriano1941Italiandesign - this plan shows radio assist
Baby BarnstormerF006383PDBHL50inFFGotTuxworth FredFlying Aces1939
Baby BipeF006384PDBHL20inUCGMoulton RonModel Aircraftfor Mills 1.3
Baby BuccaneerF006385PDBHL33inFFGotBen Buckle1/2 size version of Bucaneer
Baby BurdF006386PDBHL37inFFGotLanzo ChesterBurd1940Nice clean plan.
Baby CometF006387PDBHL19 1/2FFESmith StephenAeromodeller1992For KP01
Baby Fleetster GP-28F006388PDBHL32inFFCO2Cleveland
Baby QuakerF006389PDBHL34inFFGvKamia Matty?Megow1946
Baby SouthernerF006390PDBHL30inFFEFor KP01 low wing monoplane
Baby VF006391PDBHL2000mmRCGsingle channel motor glider for 1cc with Jedelsky wing
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