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Castaibert IVF006457PDBHL1050mmRCGZdenek RaskaCzech scale
Cavorting KipperF006458PDBHL29inUCGFirth Ronprofile fus stunter
Cessna 170F006459PDBHL36inFFGscDean BillKeil Kraftfor Dart or similar. All parts on sep sht.
Cessna 180F006460PDBHL36inFFGscDegatto PaulBerkeleyfor .035 to .049 F/F. Can also be for C/L
Cessna 195F006461PDBHL35inFFGscPlecan PaulBerkeley1948Ohllson 23 shown
Cessna 310F006462PDBHL27inUCGAtkins E RAeromodeller1956-10-OctControl Line. For two 0.5/1.0 cc diesels
Cessna C-34F006463PDBHL34inFFGscCameron I sAeromodeller1960-03-Marfor .75 / 1cc
Cessna O-1A Bird DogF006464PDBHL54inRCGHolme NormanAeromodellerfor three function and 1.5/2.5cc
Cessna O-1E Bird DogF006465PDBHL660mmFFEWatters J Hfor KP01
Cessna SkylaneF006466PDBHL54inRCGSmith PhilVeronCan be for free flight with 1.5cc. Has 3 A3 shts of build inst.
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