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The SwallowF006234PPreviewDBHL47 1/2 inFFRvwMcFarlane L GAeromodellerhalf scale plan
The Whitehead No 21 MonoplaneF006235PDBHL40inFFRscWestcar Vicmodel of 1901 flyer
ThermalierF006237PDBHL36inFFRvdClevelandParasol wing Class C stick
Jimmy Allen ThunderboltF006238PDBHL24inFFRvSkelly Oil CoJimmy Allen design
Tiercel FAI Rubber ModelF006239PDBHL36inFFRdGeddie W A SModel Aviation
Tipsy SF006240PDBHL15inFFRscMegow
TotF006241PDBHL14inFFRiOld timer look alike
Tulsa RocketF006242PDBHL44inFFRvdDague AlvieZaic Year Book1938
Twin Fin DurationF006243PDBHL20inFFRvdEden MartinPlan is full size wing ribs twice size!
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