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Tulsa RocketF006242PDBHL44inFFRvdDague AlvieZaic Year Book1938
Twin Fin DurationF006243PDBHL20inFFRvdEden MartinPlan is full size wing ribs twice size!
Twin Fin PusherF006244PDBHL26inFFRuEnlarged slightly over scale.
Twin PusherF006245PDBHL40inFFRuKummer RalphModel Builder1936-08-AugA-Frame
Two Cents PlainF006246PDBHL18inFFRiLinstrum DaveAeromodeller1977-09-SepPennyplane design
Two in One Gas and Rubber ModelF006247PPreviewDBHL68inFFRvdStruck HenryModel Aircraft Builder1936
Weight Rule Contest ModelF006248PDBHL36inFFRvdStahl EarlMAN1938
Udet FlamingoF006249PDBHL37 1/2 inFFRscWinter BillMAN1935on 4 A3 shts
Un-named Float PlaneF006250PDBHL33inFFRwLooks quite old?
UpburyF006251PDBHL36inFFR?Elsegood G FModel Aircraft
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