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Port Victoria PV-2F006072PDBHL18 1/4 inFFRscColdrick NAir TrailsHand drawn. Multiple small shts.
Port Victoria PV-9F006073PDBHL17 1/4 inFFRscColdrick NHand drawn. Multiple small shts.
Porterfield-Turner 50F006074PDBHL26 1/2 inFFRscMcCulloch ClaudeFlying Aceson two A3 shts
Porterfield-Turner 50F006075PDBHL36 1/2 inFFRscMcCulloch ClaudeFlying Aceson multiple A3 shta
Prairie BirdF006076PDBHL16inFFRspPeck BobPeck1978Embryo endurance rules model
PrimF006078PDBHL970mmFFRvdStark Sunpretty faint but probably can be copied
Puss MothF006079PDBHL27inFFRscLanzo Chester
QuesterF006080PDBHL36inFFRdHeath Louis
R E 8F006081PDBHL21inFFRscHughes D RAce Models
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