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Piper CubF006051PDBHL26 1/2 inFFRscBlueprint but no clues of origin
Piper CubF006052PDBHL49inFFRscUnknown source from kit?
Piper CubF006053PDBHL49inFFRscGuillow'sKit plan?
Piper Cub TrainerF006054PDBHL42 1/2 inFFRscSelectionFrench
Piper L-4 CubF006055PDBHL33inFFRscMRAFrench
Piper Navajo ChieftainF006056PDBHL21inFFRscHoward Dick
Piper SkycycleF006057PDBHL29inFFRscStahl Earl
Piper VagabondF006058PDBHL22 1/2 inFFRscSmith PhilVeroncan also be fitted with Telco CO2 motor
PipistrelleF006059PDBHL36inFFRspNewman C ATwin motor design
Pipistrelle GTIF006060PDBHL39inFFRdLonghurst AndrewAeromodeller1990-05-MayDevelopment of George Woolls original swept wing design
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