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PinocchioF006043PDBHL28inFFRvdBarr LaurieModel Aeroplane GazetteLightweight duration
PioneerF006044PDBHL24inFFRspAer-O-KitsLightweight duration
Pionyr K-MF006045PDBHL570mmFFRvdSimple Czech stick design can be glider.
Piper Cub CoupeF006046PDBHL42inFFRscWeiss H Kmissing tailplane multiple shts
Piper Ambulance CubF006047PDBHL26inFFRscCleave Alfred1943From mag article on A4 shts. Also 21 1/2 in version on 1 A3 sht here
Piper CubF006048PDBHL1080mmFFRscBroz Jaroslav1947Czech redraw of original
Piper CubF006049PDBHL1120mmFFRscLes Plans GuillemardFrench plan on 2 shts. Jumbo Rubber candidate?
Piper CubF006050PDBHL26inFFRscDelcroix JacquesAeromodeller
Piper CubF006051PDBHL26 1/2 inFFRscBlueprint but no clues of origin
Piper CubF006052PDBHL49inFFRscUnknown source from kit?
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