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Northern StarF006011PDBHL37 3/4 inFFRvdCopland BobLightweight duration
Northrop GammaF006012PDBHL36inFFRscBruning Pres1984also plan scaled to 40in under this ID
Northrop P-61 Black WidowF006013PDBHL33inFFRscDiels David19902 shts
O.G. 15F006014PDBHL1060mmFFRvd1943Italian design
ObeechiF006015PDBHL30inFFRvdNewman DPlan is full size wing ribs twice size!
Old Timer of 1938F006016PDBHL1600mmFFRvCargnelli Carlo1938Italian design A3 sht only needs scaling no profiles
Open Road SpecialF006017PDBHL33 3/4 inFFRvdKorda DickBoys Mag.vintage duration
Open Rubber model - Tavola N47F006018PDBHL940mmFFR?ModellismoQuite modern Italian design - pylon N.47
OrionF006019PDBHL23inFFRvdKeil Kraftsmall duration kit plan - no parts
Outdoor Cabin Endurance ModelF006020PDBHL32inFFRvModel Aircraft EngineerPretty cabin design.
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