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North American P 51B (Mustang)F006006PDBHL26 1/4 inFFRscAviominima RomaItalian plan
North American P 51D (Mustang)F006007PDBHL27 3/4 inFFRscBoys HowardVeritruAll parts are here.
North American P 51B (Mustang)F006008PDBHL30inFFRscTowner HaroldAstral
North American Trainer (Harvard)F006009PDBHL50inFFRscIdeal1940
Northern ArrowF006010PDBHL43inFFRvdHall I WTerry Rose drawing
Northern StarF006011PDBHL37 3/4 inFFRvdCopland BobLightweight duration
Northrop GammaF006012PDBHL36inFFRscBruning Pres1984also plan scaled to 40in under this ID
Northrop P-61 Black WidowF006013PDBHL33inFFRscDiels David19902 shts
O.G. 15F006014PDBHL1060mmFFRvd1943Italian design
ObeechiF006015PDBHL30inFFRvdNewman DPlan is full size wing ribs twice size!
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