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Movo M-11F005973PDBHL830mmFFRspMovoCabin semi-scale low wing monoplane
Movo M-17F005974PDBHL970mmFFRspMovo1948Italian Float Plane
Mr MulliganF005975PDBHL20inFFRvdHoward BenScientific1985semi-scale design
MS Club DurationF005976PDBHL39 1/2 inFFRvdModel Shop Birmingham
MS SportsterF005977PDBHL25inFFRspBowmer JModel Shop
Nakajima Ki 44 IibF005978PDBHL13inFFRscYamada Ichiro1976-01-JanPeanut low wing fighter
Nakajima Type 94F005979PDBHL25inFFRscplan for Japanese bi-plane used in 1934. On 4 sheets of approx A3
NavionF005980PDBHL30inFFRscStahl Earl1947-08-AugLow wing monoplane. 27in span version in same location.
NelF005981PDBHL28inFFRvdHughes D RAce Model Co1948small duration
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