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Hawker HurricaneF000342PFSPUCGMusciano WaltAir Trails9531953-09-Sepscale design for .29 cu in
Little AugieF000342PFSPFFJTXEhling FrankAir Trails9531953-09-Sepsemi-scale Jetex design
Focke Wulf FW-190F000343PFSPUCGMusciano WaltAir Trails9531953-09-Sepscale design for .19 cu in
VikingF000343PFSPGA2Farrance FAir Trails9531953-09-SepNordic A2
Douglas AD2-1 SkyraiderF000344PFSPUCGSmith CalAir Trails10531953-10-Octalso published as AT651 F000307
BlunderbussF000345PFSPFFGSmith CalAir Trails10531953-10-Octsemi-scale sport for 1/2A. in AT 1965 Annual - see F000789
Ryan NYP Spirit of St LouisF000345PFSPUC/FFG/RscStruck HenryAir Trails10531953-10-OctRubber scale & UC. Also AT650 & F000295
Ultra HoganF000346PFSPFFGAir Trails11531953-11-Nov
WACO Taper WingF000346PFSPUCGGuyton FloydAir Trails11531953-11-Novscale design for .29 cu in
Jersey LightningF000347PFSPRCGSmith CalAir Trails12531953-12-Decreprinted AT 9/65 - see F000529
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