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LN 14F005894PDBHL38inFFRscWeathers Bill1936
Lo StratosferinoF005895PDBHL900mmFFRvwVittori Paulo1947Italian
Lockheed Lady Southern CrossF005896PDBHL37in?FFRscBell JohnBell Model Aircraft Co1986on 2 shts
Lockheed VegaF005897PDBHL13inFFRscMegow1935Parts on plan.
Lockheed Hudson Mk IIIF005898PDBHL27 1/2 inFFRscTowner HaroldAstralPlan is pretty fragile. On 2 shts.
Lockheed VegaF005899PDBHL30inFFRscBurdnot so good dyeline
Lone EagleF005900PDBHL30inFFRscOslan R N1970
Low Wing Cabin MonoplaneF005901PDBHL29inFFRvRippon C APremier ModelsLooks like original plan.
Low Wing MonoplaneF005902PDBHL21inFFRspHobbies LtdFormers full size plan is 1/2 scale. Supplement to Hobbies Mag 2121
LublanF005903PDBHL910mmFFRvdBroz JaroslavCzech design
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