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PhoebusF006037PDBHL36 3/4 inFFRvdAshley H RPlan is full size wing ribs twice size!
PicchioF006038PDBHL650mmFFRspAviominima RomaOld style Italian design
PiccoloF006039PDBHL30inFFRp30Car GeorgeAeromodeller1997-02-Febmodern P30 rolled tube fus.
Pietenpol SportsterF006040PDBHL20inFFRscMayors ScottyFlying Aces1942on 4 A4 shts with original article
PikoloF006041PDBHL800mmFFRspPrachazka VCzech design
PinnutoF006042PPreviewDBHL1215mmFFRvConte FSCMAC1945French or Italian?
PinocchioF006043PDBHL28inFFRvdBarr LaurieModel Aeroplane GazetteLightweight duration
PioneerF006044PDBHL24inFFRspAer-O-KitsLightweight duration
Pionyr K-MF006045PDBHL570mmFFRvdSimple Czech stick design can be glider.
Piper Cub CoupeF006046PDBHL42inFFRscWeiss H Kmissing tailplane multiple shts
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