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No NameF005997PDBHL33inFFRvdLeask GeorgeCaledonia Models1947-02-FebCabin duration in conjunction with Glasgow MAC
No NameF005998PDBHL40inFFRvwJeffery Bob1936
Piper Sky-CycleF005999PDBHL30inFFRspModern looking low wing monoplane with bubble canopy
No Name WakefieldF006000PDBHL41 1/2 inFFRvwLooks pre-war design.
No-NameF006001PDBHL36inFFRvdSutherland SidDuration
Norseman C-1F006002PPreviewDBHL32inFFRvCleveland1939Clean blue line plan
North American Harvard IIF006003PDBHL42inFFRscTowner HaroldAeromodeller
North American MustangF006004PDBHL24inFFRscCloudcraftno parts. Flying scale series
North American O-47AF006005PDBHL23 1/4 inFFRscDiels David1983
North American P 51B (Mustang)F006006PDBHL26 1/4 inFFRscAviominima RomaItalian plan
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