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Ilyushin IL-2 StormovikF005826PDBHL32inFFRscMidkiff MGulf Coast Model Aviation
Indoor CommercialF005827PDBHL17 1/2 inFFRvdOtt JoeDuncan IncIndoor beginners model
Interstate L-6 GrasshopperF005828PDBHL20 3/4 inFFRscCleave Aincludes article. On multiple A4 shts
Isaacs FuryF005829PDBHL14inFFRscCallaghan A
Isaacs Fury 1F005830PDBHL29inFFRscAeromodeller1965
IsisF005831PDBHL44inFFRvdHoulberg A FAeromodeller1941-12-DecComplete with 1941 A/M article
J B 3F005832PDBHL36inFFRvdBezener JFrom Holland quite old plan
Jimmy Allen RacerF005833PDBHL28inFFRvdEasy BuiltJimmy Allen design
J.Dy-19F005834PDBHL420mmFFRvdDelhaye JFrench sports duration
J.M. 34F005835PDBHL1080mmFFRvMarchese JoseHobby1943design from Argentina on 2 shts with parts
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