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Sabre WingF000337PFSPFFGBroggini DAir Trails1953-06-Jun1/2A Flying Wing
Swan SongF000338PFSPFFGLennon AAir Trails1953-07-JulFlying boat for .15 cu in
Wittman BonzoF000338PFSPUCGSmith CalAir Trails1953-07-Julscale for .29 cu in
Wittman ButtercupF000338PFSPFF/RCGVanburen FAir Trails1953-07-Julalso in MB 3/85.
Blow BugF000339PPreviewFSPFFGClough RAir Trails1953-08-AugContest design with pressurised fuel feed
Past DueF000339PFSPFFGRobinson HAir Trails1953-08-AugContest design - ROG or ROW
Salty Dog (Model Boat)F000340PFSPRCEhling FrankAir Trails1953-09-SepModel Boat
WonderwingsF000340PFSPRCGSmith CalAir Trails1953-09-SepSport bilpane for .14 cu in
Devil DartF000341PFSPUCJetBaker TAir Trails1953-09-SepDyna-jet speed model
Grumman F4F-4 WildcatF000341PFSPUCGMusciano WaltAir Trails1953-09-Sepscale design for .29 cu in
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