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GrasshopperF005771PDBHL36inFFRvdCockle A JVeritruduration
Great Lakes TG-1F005772PDBHL37 1/2 inFFRscMAN1935
Grumman F-1F005773PDBHL33 1/2 inFFRscon 3 A3 shts all parts but plan needs scaling up
Grumman SkyrocketF005774PDBHL30inFFRscMegow
Guillemin JG-10F005775PDBHL38inFFRscEJWFlying Aceson 3 A3 shts
Gutteridge Trophy Winner 1945F005776PDBHL47 1/2 inFFRvdCopland Bob1945Indian ink on film master
Gypsy (50%)F005777PDBHL20inFFRspKeil Kraftscaled down with parts
H.D. 49.1F005778PDBHL780mmFFRcdhDore Henry1950-01-JanFrench Coupe
Halberstadt DIIF005779PDBHL13inFFRscLee's Hobbies1972Peanut. Also 18in version in same location.
HalcyonF005780PDBHL28inFFRvdAeromodeller194050% enlarged drawing on multiple A3 shts. Is it complete?
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