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Paa Load Winner (Paa Up?)F000334PFSPFFGSladek RAir Trails1953-04-Apr1/2A Paaload model
Speed BugF000334PFSPUCGEhling FrankAir Trails1953-04-Apr1/2A speed model
Bartlett BulletF000335PFSPUCGBartlett WAir Trails1953-05-MayTeam Racer for .29 cu in
Knight TwisterF000335PFSPUCGAir Trails1953-05-Maycheck?
WinderF000335PFSPUCGMueller GAir Trails1953-05-MaySpeed model for .19 cu in
Liberty BelleF000336PFSPRCGSchumacher DAir Trails1953-05-Maysport design for .074 cu in
Sassy SaucerF000336PFSPUCGHarris GAir Trails1953-05-Maystunt design in form of flying saucer
Sweet SixteenthF000336PFSPFFGKochman AAir Trails1953-05-Mayall sheet 1/2A design
BostonianF000337PFSPFFRDolby EAir Trails1953-06-Jun
DH-85 Leopard MothF000337PFSPUCGKochman AAir Trails1953-06-JunScale design
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