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Erco ErcoupeF005661PDBHL31inFFRscStahl Earl?No name on plan but in style of Stahl.
EurekaF005662PDBHL44inFFRvwWinter BillMAN1949Plan is only A4 size incls full MAN article
EurekaF005663PDBHL912mmFFRvdEvans E WModel Shop Northampton1939semi-scale
Expendable 4F005664PDBHL41inFFRdPool JohnAeromodellerOpen rubber design
Experimental RTP OrnithopterF005665PDBHL19 1/2 inFFRuWarring RonPretty faint drawing
F - 1F005666PDBHL49inFFRdAltamirano Cesar1953from Argentina twin fin open class
F - 3F005667PDBHL46inFFRdAltamirano Cesar1953from Argentina geared drive
F - 54F005668PDBHL900mmFFRvd?Cizek R?Czech design
F M 65F005669PDBHL650mmFFRvdFumagappi MarioEmilo Biraghi1944Italian vintage duration
F.C. 11F005670PDBHL650mmFFRsp Chivia Frederico?E Biraghi MilanItalian design - diamond fuselage
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