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Easy Wing 2F005656PDBHL13 1/4 inFFRspJohnson Ken1993Indoor model
EdinaF005657PDBHL28 1/2 inFFRvdWardell H APlan is full size wing ribs twice size!
Edouard Nieuport 1910-11F005658PDBHL13inFFRscKouthy LudomirModel Aeroplane GazettePeanut scale
Ehling Geared WakefieldF005659PDBHL53inFFRvwEhling FrankAir Trails
Erco ErcoupeF005660PDBHL20inFFRscHatfull AlbertKeil Kraftparts included
Erco ErcoupeF005661PDBHL31inFFRscStahl Earl?No name on plan but in style of Stahl.
EurekaF005662PDBHL44inFFRvwWinter BillMAN1949Plan is only A4 size incls full MAN article
EurekaF005663PDBHL912mmFFRvdEvans E WModel Shop Northampton1939semi-scale
Expendable 4F005664PDBHL41inFFRdPool JohnAeromodellerOpen rubber design
Experimental RTP OrnithopterF005665PDBHL19 1/2 inFFRuWarring RonPretty faint drawing
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