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Douglas O-38F005633PDBHL30inFFRscBurd
Douglas O-38F005634PDBHL30 1/4 inFFRscCleveland
Douglas O-38F005635PDBHL40inFFRscMcDonough KAeromodellerFSR1123
Douglas O-38SF005636PDBHL29inFFRscSturiale VirgilioModel Aircraft Engineer1934Golden Age repro plan
Douglas O-43AF005637PDBHL23inFFRscLindberg PaulParts on plan. Also 33in span scaled up plan same location on 4 A3 shts.
Douglas O-43AF005638PDBHL37inFFRsc? Looks like Stahl Earl style? Or scaled version of 23in Lindberg plan?
Douglas O-43A ObservationF005639PDBHL12inFFRscMegow
Douglas O-43A ObservationF005640PDBHL36inFFRscGeibel R EGHQ Model Airplane Co
Douglas O-46AF005641PDBHL34 1/2 inFFRscMcHard DougAeromodeller
Douglas ObservationF005642PDBHL11 3/4 inFFRscMegowParts on plan.
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