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Globe SwiftF005757PDBHL26 1/4 inFFRscNoonan J1946-03-Mar
Glop-GlopF005758PDBHL595mmFFRwMelinotte Pierre1949Minature French hydroplane (float plane!)
Gloster GauntletF005759PDBHL21inFFRscReder RobertComet Model Co1935Kit plan
Gloster GladiatorF005760PDBHL17 1/2 inFFRscStokes G IModel Aerodrome Birmingham
GnatF005761PDBHL14 3/4 inFFRvdHunter-Smith R HAeromodeller1938
GnatF005762PDBHL15inFFRspKennett S1935
GnatF005763PDBHL20inFFRspKennedy T RModel ShopCabin Monoplane A3 sheet clipped at edges
Gnat Mk IIF005764PDBHL26inFFRspKennedy T RModel Shop NewcastleCabin monoplane
Go GoF005765PDBHL1432mmFFRwHansson Leonart1968Swedish design Quarter scale plan with full size ribs.
GoblinF005766PDBHL24inFFRvdFrogSmall cabin duration
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