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Curtiss Racer XFGC-6F005591PDBHL24inFFRscCleveland
Curtiss RobinF005592PDBHL44inFFRscAmerican ModelcraftScaled down version of orig. Still nice model. See 007629
Curtiss RobinF005593PDBHL60inFFRscBurdLarge rubber scale - nice
Curtiss Robin LuluF005594PDBHL30inFFRscwing & tail shown half size
Curtiss ScoutF005595PDBHL36 1/2 inFFRscOlsen RoyWhitmanblue dyeline - not so clear but readable
Curtiss SeahawkF005596PDBHL20inFFRscModellismoItalian plan
Curtiss SO3C-1 ScoutF005597PDBHL24inFFRscStahl EarlOn multiple A3 shts plus original article
Curtiss Wright (Bi-plane)F005598PDBHL18inFFRscEasybuilt1939?Original plan with parts.
Czech Indoor Microfilm modelF005599PDBHL566mmFFRi
Dardo (EIK 40)F005600PDBHL1040mmFFRvwEikermann Ernesto1949
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